Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so let's show them some love! Please be thinking of how you can bless your pastoral staff next month. We encourage you to show them what they mean you in whichever way you would like. 

Ways you can bless your pastors:

- A card or letter

- Sharing a scripture with them

- Words of encouragement

- Telling them how a particular sermon really hit home with you

- Honor their family (babysit their kids for date night, present them a gift card to a restaurant, mow the lawn, etc.)

- Any other way you can think of!

If you would like to show your appreciation via a financial gift, you can submit it the same ways you would submit an offering or tithe, but be sure to earmark it "Pastor Appreciation". We will collect financial gifts throughout the month of October and will present them to our pastors the last Sunday of October.